KHQR Payment

Logo design, Branding design

Introduction & Background

KHQR is a QR code payment system that provides a convenient and modern way for users to make payments, in which that only a single QR Code can receive money from all banks across Cambodia. This branding design portfolio outlines the visual identity and branding strategy for KHQR, including the logo, color palette, typography, and other branding elements that represent the brand and communicate its values.

Brand objective

The branding objectives for KHQR are to create a strong and recognizable visual identity that communicates the brand's modernity, simplicity, and security. The brand must be easily distinguishable from a far and evoke a sense of trust and reliability. The branding must also be consistent across all touchpoints, including the website, app, marketing materials, and other communications.

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A unique style of branding that can be recognized from afar.

Visual identity

The visual identity for KHQR is designed to be simple, modern, and visually striking. More than this, the logo is created by 3 elements: Unification, QR Code Finder Pattern and Khmer temple sharp edges pillar. The logo features a stylized QR code with the brand name underneath. The Standee and material design has signature like head with hair, a corner QR in which representing the modern and dynamic nature of the brand. The font used for the brand name is a sans-serif font that is clean and legible, adding to the simplicity and modernity of the visual identity.

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Branding elements

As a QR code payment system, KHQR requires a branding color that is eye-catching, trustworthy, and professional. The hue of red used in KHQR's branding should be carefully chosen to communicate the values and qualities of the brand.

  1. Crimson Red: This deep shade of red is bold and energetic, communicating a sense of confidence and passion. It can be used to create a powerful and dynamic brand image, appealing to consumers who are looking for a modern and innovative payment solution.
  2. Cherry Red: Cherry red is a vibrant and playful color that is often associated with fun, excitement, and youthfulness. It can be used to create a brand image that is approachable and friendly, appealing to consumers who are looking for a payment system that is easy to use and enjoyable.

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