Citar - Blockchain Loyalty

Logo design, Branding design, UIUX design

Introduction & Background

Citar is a cutting-edge blockchain loyalty system that empowers businesses to create, manage, and reward customer loyalty in a seamless, secure, and transparent way. As a blockchain-based platform, Citar leverages the power of distributed ledger technology to offer a revolutionary loyalty solution that enhances customer engagement, retention, and satisfaction.


The Citar logo is a simple yet elegant representation of the platform's core values of transparency, security, and innovation. The logo features a stylized 'C' in blue, the color of trust and stability, encased in a circle, representing the seamless and connected nature of the platform. The 'C' is also designed to resemble a coin, reflecting the platform's focus on rewards and loyalty.

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We have been using the paper loyalty card, but customer keeps forgetting it and staff can fraud it.

Design process

We conducted a series of in-person interviews with 10 participants who had used the Citar app in the past. The participants were asked to complete a series of tasks, while we observed and recorded their interactions with the app.Overall, the participants found the Citar app to be intuitive and easy to use. They particularly liked the ability to earn rewards for their loyalty to participating merchants. However, there were a few areas where the app could be improved.Some participants found the app's navigation to be confusing, particularly when trying to find specific information such as merchant locations or reward redemption options.

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Overall, the participants found the Citar app to be a useful and engaging loyalty program. However, there were a few areas where the app could be improved, particularly in terms of navigation, design, and onboarding. We recommend that the Citar team consider these findings as they continue to develop and refine the app.

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